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Plumbers and Pipefitters

Welcome to the highly skilled, well-paid Plumbing, Pipefitting and Welding Industry. As a Pipefitter, Plumber, Welder or HVAC/R Technician you are a member of a well trained, highly skilled labor force working on projects in work environments of all kinds.


If you are willing to put forth the effort United Association Local 26 is willing to extend to you the training needed to work on these projects and obtain a fair decent wage with benefits.


Compare the starting wages and benefits of a 50% Apprentice and the full scale Journeyman wages and benefits, you can see even the starting apprentice makes a good wage with benefits


Starting Salary

Journeyman Wages and Benefits
Wage Level Base Wage Accumulated Savings Medical State
Nat Pension Int Trng Fund Suppl Pension Ed-Dev Industry Fund Total
Journeyman $38.62 $4.25 $8.50 $6.19 $2.86 $0.10 $1.00 $1.75 $0.30 $63.57
Apprentice $19.31 $2.13 $8.50 $3.10 $1.43 $0.10 $0.00 $1.75 $0.30 $36.62

Wages and Fringe Benefits

As outlined in the table above the "Total Package" even for a starting apprentice is significant in todays economy. These wages are the Prevailing Wage for Plumbers and Pipefitters in Western Washington and are publicly available through the Department of Labor and Industries Prevailing Wage Section.

Medical Coverage

After  you work a total of 140 hours you are now covered under the Medical Plan with the ability to "Bank Hours" in order to be covered when not working. Your employer pays $8.50 per hour for every hour you work into this medical plan.

"Take Home Pay"

Your Base Wage and Accumulated savings are your "taxable" wage rate, all other fringes are paid by your employer for your Medical and Pensions, which will add up significantly over time allowing you a decent life style after you retire from the trade.

How to Apply, Join the Union

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